Presentations and resources for topics covered at CaribNOG 8 are available below. Only presentations that have archived video, PDF, PowerPoint, or other files will be displayed.   

Day 1 - Monday 29th September 2014


Day 2 - Tuesday 30th September 2014

Hands On Lab

  • Network Defense Techniques: Fernando Gont (SI6 Networks) -  Presentation
Day 3 - Wednesday 1st October 2014
  • Rise of the Caribbean IXP I: CARCIP - Junior McIntyre (CARCIP), Chris Roberts (St. Lucia IXP) - Session SummaryPresentation
  • Rise of the Caribbean IXP II: Strategies for Growth and Value Creation - Bevil Wooding (PCH), Claire Craig (UWI) - Session Summary
  • Nuts and Bolts: Content Delivery and Peering - Arturo Servin - Session Summary
  • Hands On Lab

  • Router Configuration Techniques, BGP and IPv6: Steve Spence (ArkiTechs), Alejandro Acosta (LACNIC)
Day 4 - Thursday 2nd October 2014
  • Considerations for Building the Caribbean Cloud: Stephen Lee (ArkiTechs) - Presentation
  • Private Cloud Platform Options: Stephen Lee (ArkiTechs) -  Presentation
  • Mobilizing the Caribbean Cloud: Enabling local mobile services: Michael Vrutaa (ICUCI) - Presentation

Hands On Lab

  • Private Cloud Implementation using Azure and OpenStack: Steve Spence (ArkiTechs), Julius Conorqui (CBC Belize) -  Presentation
Day 5 - Friday 3rd October 2014
  • ISOC Update / Approaching the IETF: Fernando Gont (SI6 Networks) 
  • Tales from the Trenches II: Extending IT Infrastructure: Virtualization, Data Centers and the Cloud CaribNOG Members 
  • The New Hotness: SDN & NFV: Steve Spence (ArkiTechs) - Presentation

Hands On Lab

  • IPv6 for the Enterprise: Alejandro Acosta (LACNIC) - Presentation