CaribNOG is a forum for the exchange of technical information and aims to promote discussion of issues that require community cooperation. CaribNOG’s training and capacity building agenda is specially tailored to meet the needs of the Caribbean region. The goal each CaribNOG Regional Gathering is to facilitate exchange and cooperation among, and provide intensive hands-on training and updates to operators of corporate networks, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), regulators and other Information and Communication Technology (ICT) networking, infrastructure or telecommunications stakeholders in the Caribbean with a view to ensure the stability of services to end users.

A CaribNOG Regional Meeting event is a full week of intensive activity. It includes up to 5 days of training sessions, up to 4 labs and 1 day of networking meetings and tours. The workshop venue is required to be available up to one week before the workshop, during which instructors, event facilitators, administrators, network engineers and technicians lay cables, install equipment, and otherwise prepare for the workshop.

Host Requirements

Hosting a Regional Meeting includes:

  • Preliminary planning of the event with the CaribNOG Coordinating Team
  • Promotions and outreach beginning six months before the scheduled date
  • Securing meeting venue, participant hotel and transportation
  • Arranging Internet access and other meeting services
  • Up to a full week of actual site-preparation and set-up
  • A second full week for the event itself
  • One or two days for tear-down.

Organizations wishing to host a Regional Gathering are invited to contact the CaribNOG Coordinating Team at