CaribNOG is an educational forum for Network Operators dedicated to exchanging technical information and experiences related to the management of IP networks in the Caribbean region. Membership is open, and meetings usually include IT practitioners, engineering staff from ISPs, mobile providers, students and regulators.

Meetings and Events

CaribNOG Regional Meetings are held twice a year, generally in April and October, at a conference center or hotel. These meetings draw industry experts from across the region and beyond, including facilitators and participants from North America, Latin America, the Pacific Region and Africa. Regional Meetings are typically 4 or 5 days and accommodate up to 100 attendees.

CaribNOG also hosts or facilitates local training events in collaboration with partner organizations. These one-day events are held multiple times per year and are designed to increase awareness of a particular technology or issue.

General Sessions

Regional Meeting sessions are focused on technology trends and operational issues of concern to service providers and ICT stakeholders. Presentations generally last from 30 to 45 minutes, with time given for questions and comments from attendees. Community feedback is an important aspect of CaribNOG meetings, and Lightning Presentations provide members an opportunity to share what they are doing across the region in 5 minutes or less.


Labs last from ninety minutes to three hours, and focus on introductory-level instruction. Some past topics have included:

  • BGP Routing
  • Simulating an Internet Exchange Point
  • Establishing IPv6 connectivity
  • Provisioning a dual-stack IPv6/IPv6 network
  • Performing a DNSSEC key signing
  • Setting up a Linux-based VoIP system

Lime Time

A CaribNOG tradition, Lime Time gives attendees a chance to meet counterparts and experts, swap stories from the trenches and make new connections in a laid-back setting.