Presentations and resources for topics covered at CaribNOG 13 are available below. Only presentations that have archived video, PDF, PowerPoint, or other files will be displayed.   

Day 1 - Tuesday 18th April 2017
  • ARIN Update (Mark Kosters, ARIN) - Presentation
  • LACNIC Update (Kevon Swift, LACNIC) - Presentation
  • ISOC Update (Shernon Osepa, ISOC) - Presentation
  • Cloud Essentials for Caribbean Organisations (Steve Spence, ArkiTechs) - Presentation
  • BARIX Update (Clifford Bostic, Telecommunications Unit) - Presentation
  • Let's Encrypt and DANE (Kevin Meynell, ISOC) - Presentation
Day 2 - Wednesday 19th April 2017
  • Platform as a Service and Cloud Computing (Irwin Williams, Teleios Systems) - Presentation
  • IPv6 Deployment and Impact in LAC (Kevon Swift, LACNIC) - Presentation
  • Nuts and Bolts: Cloud Computing and DNSSEC Considerations (Mark Kosters, ARIN)  - Presentation
  • RIPE Atlas: Big Data for Internet Operations (Massimo Candela, RIPE NCC) - Presentation